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Summer Accelerator Curriculum

A Preface to Outreach

The Summer Accelerator is the first part of Outreach that lasts the entire summer for new Outreach Developers. The Outreach Manager heads meetings. These meetings are mandatory. While there are only three lessons below, unlike the Year 1 Curriculum, where each lesson marks a single meeting, the Outreach Manager can split these lessons up into multiple days at his/her discretion. Many of these lessons (1 and 3 particulary) are very large!

Lesson 1: Introduction to UIKit

Introduction to UIKit: Learn to create a utility application.


Lesson 2: Git and Modularizing Code

Learning to use Git on Github, and strategies to effectively work as a team on an Xcode project.

Lesson 3: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

How to find a great idea that people can love, conduct effective market research, create a business plan, prototype, and deploy a Minimum Viable Product

Portfolio of Projects