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Framework and API Documentation

Throughout both years, you will learn many new frameworks, such as UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, etc... Each framework contains many different objects that each have their own list of properties and methods. As we talk about in the Year 1 curriculum, you do NOT need to memorize all of these - though with practice most should be under your fingers. Most programmers (even the best ones) just use API Documentation while they code and constantly reference the documentation.

Fortunately, Xcode provides all of this documentation ON Xcode itself. Just click on the Toolbar:


Window->Documentation and API Reference.


Then on the left bar, click Swift, and you'll see a list of all of the frameworks built into Xcode for you to use. Within each framework link, you'll see all of the objects you can make, and their respective properties. Additionally, when you begin typing in a project, Xcode provides you with a dynamic list of properties/methods you can use to help you along.

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