Visit to MongoDB Headquarters in NYC

Tour. Discuss. Connect


iLaunch will visit MongoDB HQ on Thursday November 10th, 2016. It's hard to emphasize enough how opportune this date is.

-There is no school that day AND it is still a weekday, meaning that students won't lose attendance points and the office space is open.

-It is a 4-day No Homework weekend. Students won't have to worry about school work, and would be open to visit.


About the Trip

MongoDB is a well established company created in 2007. It is worth over $1.2 billion and has clients ranging from Google to Expedia who use its services for database optimization. iLaunch is actually going to teach students about MongoDB databases later on in the year within our curriculum, so this visit is perfect for some early informational exposition. For more about the company:


iLaunch has been in contact with the Senior VP of Engineering Andrew Erlichson at MongoDB. On November 10th, the club will travel from Princeton Junction to Penn Station in NYC and will walk to the MongoDB Headquarters (0.6 miles). From there, Mr. Erlichson will give us a tour of the entire office space. The company has also prepared a presentation for the club, and there will be a discussion panel featuring engineers and executives who can discuss and answer any questions students ask.


This trip is an extremely good opportunity for students. iLaunch is a club that promotes and teaches computer science and entrepreneurship through our curriculum, activities, and competitions. This trip to NYC is no exception. Students will:


-Be able to tour the awesome office space of one of the leading database companies in the world.

-Learn all about databases (which iLaunch will teach later on), business, entrepreneurship, and other professional advice and knowledge via presentation.

-Be able to discuss with professionals any questions they have about computer science or entrepreneurship

-Make firm connections and impressions with professionals in the field that could help with jobs, mentorship, and internships in the future.

-Become more independent as an individual

Cost of the Trip

The only cost of the trip is the cost of the train to get to NYC and back. This cost must be submitted in cash along with the permission slip by Monday. Club leaders will purchase the round trip tickets from Princeton Junction to NY Penn Station and back beforehand. These tickets will be handed out the day of the trip at the Princeton Junction Station.

If you are a club chaperone, you must also submit the money with the permission form along with the money of the student. Do not buy the trains tickets on your own, as the club must travel as a group.

If you wish, you could bring your own money to buy food and souvenirs, but that is optional.

No other cost is necessary. We will not need to take the subway or bus in NYC since the office is only a 10 minute walk from NY Penn Station.

Note: If we are able to find a discounted price for the train tickets, the remaining money will be refunded!

Pick Up/Drop Off

On the day of the trip (Nov 10th), please arrive at 11:30 am at the Princeton Junction Train Station. Do not be late as we cannot miss our train. The club will congregate there. If you aren't a chaperone, you can just drop the students off. If you are a chaperone, you will just stay with the group. All round-trip tickets will be handed out at the station when you arrive.

You will need to pick up the students at around 6:00 pm in the evening at the Princeton Junction Train Station. Students will be informed to contact you on the train back so that you will arrive at the right time.


Safety is obviously our trip's top priority. We have measures to ensure that everyone is safe.

-We have an attendance roster that will be checked at each stop throughout the trip so that no one gets lost

-We will have a group SMS and the contacts of all students and parents so that everyone in the group can communicate with one other any anytime.

-All tickets are bought ahead of time so students won't have to worry about money and buying train tickets.

-We aim to have as many chaperones as possible to increase student safety. Chaperones have no extra responsiblity except to be an extra eye on students.

Benefits of being a Chaperone

We are only allowed to take 16 students with us on the trip. It works on a first come first serve basis: the first 16 students who turn in the permission slip and money will be able to go on the trip (there are around 50 students in the club). However, if you are willing to be a chaperone, that essentially guarantees that you will go on the trip, since we want the trip to be a safe as possible. Additionally, this is a great experience! If you are available that day, we highly recommend to volunteer as a chaperone.

What Students should do to Prepare for the trip:

Since there will be a discussion panel held with MongoDB engineers and executives, students should come prepared with questions about the company (entrepreneur, business, computer science related). They should be knowledgeable about what the company does to make the most of their time.

Contact Us:

iLaunch Club President: Robert Zhang   Cell:  6094239774 (SMS please. Do not call.)

Other Club Contacts: Contacts Page


Fun Memories!

Note: While we did have a 2.5 hr visit to the office space, we weren't encouraged to film the info session or the discussion panel, which took up the majority of the time. The below video shows just the tour and the city :). Pretty cool nonetheless.


Big Thanks to Everett Shen, our PR Manager, who filmed all of the raw footage.