iLaunch at John Witherspoon Middle School

JWMS Curriculum

An Introduction to iOS Development

Part 1: Activity Period Pilot Program

Learning to use the Swift Programming Language

Lesson 1: Introduction to Programming

What is programming and why is it important? What is a computer language? What is syntax? Introduction to Swift and Xcode.

Lesson 2: Creating your first variables

Declaring and Initializing constants and variables, and an introduction to data types


Lesson 3: If Statements

Introduction to Swift if statements, as well as the concept of control flow, compartive and boolean operators

Lesson 4: Intro to Xcode Projects

Introduction to Xcode Projects.

Lesson 5: Introduction to SpriteKit

Introduction to Frameworks and SpriteKit. Use SpriteKit to put an SKSpriteNode on the screen.

Lesson 6: SKSpriteNodes and SKLabelNodes

Go into depth to explore the properties of SKSpriteNode and SKLabelNode. Wrap up activity period curriculum and prepare for the lessons ahead.

Part 2: Afterschool Program Extension

SpriteKit, Graphics, and Making Simple Games

General Information

The specifics of this program is TBA. However, it will be mini project and graphics heavy.