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Anyone can join iLaunch! However, we highly recommend prospective developers to be taking or have taken some programming course at PHS. Our curriculum is intense, so having a daily class as a backbone can give you more practice! Anyone from first year Python students to those taking Computer Science University Courses are completely welcome.


All students enter iLaunch as a Year 1 Developer under our Year 1 Program. You can find out more about our Year 1 Program and curriculum HERE.


Once you publish your first app, you'll have the option to sign up as an Outreach developer. Additionally, you can apply for Captain, Head Captain, and General Management roles. Join early! iLaunch has too much to offer in too short a period of time (only four years)!


We advertise quite a bit at the beginning of the year. Just come to one of our two interest meetings and fill out the info sheet to get started.


Happy Coding!

iLaunch Staff